General Information

Shareholders First LLC is the Court-Appointed Custodian for Wally World Media, Inc., a publicly-traded Nevada corporation, trading under the symbol WLYW on the OTC Markets. Common stock quote and details can be found here.

On May 17, 2021, Shareholders First LLC filed a Petition in the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada (the “Court”) for the appointment of a custodian over the affairs of Wally World Media, Inc., an abandoned Nevada corporation (the “Custodianship Entity”).
Case No. A-21-834721-P. The Court entered an Order Granting Petitioner Shareholders First LLC’s Application for Appointment of Custodian on June 29, 2021 (the “Custodianship Order”).

Inquiries as to the status of the Custodianship Entity should be made at this website, as it will be the Custodian’s primary form of communication to the various investors and creditors of the Custodianship Entity, other interested persons, and the general public. The Custodian will provide pertinent updates on this website as these proceedings progress to ensure interested parties remain well informed.